Comertek has reached its automation know-how on a thorough understanding of customer processes and machinery. We believe that all components of the automation system, process controls, machine controls, drive controls, condition monitoring and process optimization should be implemented in the same environment.

By the support of special analyzers, measurement instruments and valves, users can collect and combine information from different sources, using the same information tools and engineering applications. This leads to easy decision-making, since the automation system is there to serve users and provide tangible results.

A typical Comertek automation system for the control and running of our plants uses main brands of automation products, both for hardware and software.
It is normally composed of a panel, having inside the main PLC/DCS, to which all computers and a printer are connected through Ethernet line TCP/IP.

To optimize and connect all devices in field easier, further dashboards are supplied, to be installed on site, containing all remote I/O required.

Our Automation/Process department is available and skilled to manage and supply the following auxiliaries/services:

  • MFB (Mass Flow Balance)
  • P&ID (Process & Instrumentation Diagram)
  • Basic & Detailed documentation lists
  • LPD (Logic and Process Diagram)
  • Pumps calculation
  • Field devices
  • Engineering Electrifications and Automation
  • Development of new solutions in cooperation with customer in order to safe the energy consumption

Process optimization

Comertek uses computer modelling technology to simulate flow process system in order to finalize the right equipment, suitable to meet customer’s specific needs.

All services are based on a long-term experience and specialized competence. The target is always to optimize the productivity of clients’ plants and equipment.

Comertek engineers analyze the processes and the conditions of the plant, closely cooperating with the client and recommending improvements with respect to any adjustment, operational processes and technical solutions.