Comertek is a worldwide leader and supplier of complete systems and technologies for de-inking stock preparation, from pulping to machine chests, including sludge/reject treatment and water clarification.

Recycled paper normally supplied as furnish is full of contaminant agents to be removed earlier in the process before risking to be disintegrated into the paper pulp.

Comertek offers a wide range of stock preparation plants, process application and equipment of paper industry.

A deep knowledge of individual equipment to be manufactured allows Comertek to design and develop plants for each recycled paper type and integrate machines for the entire processing system.

A 50 years old know-how, a deep field experience and a passion for problem solving are basic reasons making Comertek a reliable partner for any stakeholder in the paper industry.

• Tissue S-COMPACT
• Tissue COMPACT
• Tissue FLEX
• Tissue S-FLEX
• Pulp  SF/LF
• Approach System
• Broke system