The experience

Comer Spa was founded in 1960 and soon became a world-wide leader company in the paper making machines field.
A team of 90 skilled experts, offering the highest quality products to the market, with advanced technologies, gained quality references all over the world.
Comer based its success in the research and development, granting optimal solutions both for new machines and for plants rebuilding.

In 2012 ownership decided to retire for personal reasons – clashing with market expectations. At the end of the year a new generation of shareholders took over the company assets, founding Comertek, a simplified and lean company, ensuring the designing and manufacturing high quality resources.

A new start

With a leaner, more flexible and efficient structure, Comertek wants to confirm its leadership role in the development of plants and machines for de-inking processes, pulp making, broke systems, re-building lines, turn-key projects and spare parts supply.

With the same competence and efficiency, Comertek offers all services from designing, to commissioning, installation and after-sales needs.